Rowan’s Law

Concussion Awareness Resources

Learn about the Concussion Awareness Resources that amateur athletes, parents, coaches, team trainers and officials are required to review.

Ontario Government – Concussion-awareness-resources

As mandated by the province through Rowan’s Law, it is a requirement to have parents and team staff confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario Government – Concussion-awareness-resources .  All players (a parent or guardian for players under 18) must have read the documents and completed the Rowan’s Law acknowledgement prior to participating in any game, practice, try-out and or player assessment. 

Review the following documents as per the Government’s Web Site ( Ontario Government – Concussion-awareness-resources) prior to completing the acknowledgement, which is included in the on-line registration for all programs.  

For Players under the age of 18, your Coach / Team Manager will be given a list of all Players under the age of 18 , you must download and have a parent or legal guardian sign and present the signed document to your Coach / Team Manager prior to participating in any game, practice , try-out and or player assessment.